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Margaret Overman, Au.D., CCC-AEducational Audiologist/ConsultantDisruptor-in-Chief, Vermont HEARS, LLC *
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Welcome. I'm excited that you are here.

I am Margaret Overman, an audiologist specializing in access to communication in the educational setting for students with hearing loss or hearing disorders. To date, I have served over 300 Vermont school teams as an educational consultant for students with hearing loss. Over the past four years, I have seen a growing need for additional, full-scope, audiology services in Vermont schools to meet the needs of students with hearing loss and ensure compliance with federal laws. This is what led to the formation of a new vision for services in our state, and a new business, Vermont HEARS, to support them beginning in the summer of 2020.

I look forward to partnering with school teams, clinical audiologists, families, and students to find an individualized, evidence-informed, approach to help students thrive in the academic setting and beyond.

In partnership with you,

What sets Vermont Hears, LLC and Dr. Overman apart?

1.) Doctoral level training in audiology. I have a Certificate of Clinical Competence in audiology (CCC-A) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA: https://www.asha.org/ ) and currently serve as the state of Vermont representative to the Educational Audiology Association (EAA: https://edaud.org/). Audiologists are the only professionals licensed to select, fit, and verify hearing assistive technology and to diagnose auditory processing disorders.

2.) Experience. I have been serving and supporting families throughout the life spectrum, from birth to 101, in their quest to communicate through listening and spoken language since 2002. I've worked in hospital, preschool, k-12, and higher education settings serving students with hearing loss and/or other disabilities. I have served over 300 Vermont school teams as an educational consultant. View my resume/CV here: Dr.Overman CV

3.) Customer Service. Access. As an individual provider I am able to adapt services and supports to meet the needs of every student and team. I operate under my certification with ASHA and license in the State of Vermont in order to provide evidence-based services and support that adhere to IDEA, ADA, and 504 regulations. Many of the services called for within those regulations have not been widely accessible to Vermont schools until now.

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